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Four Session Jump Start Package

This Four Session Jumpstart Package is your opportunity to receive personal, private coaching during four one hour sessions we design and schedule just for you, exploring what you most need, now.

You’ll start by completing some pre-work I send you, which will help you focus and set goals, and let me get to know you better so I can better plan our sessions. We’ll agree on areas of focus and set priorities for our time together.

Your four sessions can be scheduled weekly or every other week, whatever pace or frequency will work best for you.

Then during our first session, we’ll take an in-depth look at 'where you are now' vs where you’d like to be, and create a detailed strategy for you moving forward.

We’ll identify your strengths, concerns, and lifestyle constraints, along with areas where you may need to shift your thinking to make the changes needed in your life and/or business, to get the very best results.

You’ll leave your last session with a strong sense of purpose and clarity around exactly what next steps you will take, because we’ll construct a road map to guide your actions. 

How the Four Session Jump Start package works:

We'll connect via phone or video-conference (Skype or Zoom, your choice) at our agreed upon days and times. As stated above, you can schedule your sessions weekly or every other week, depending on your calendar and work style.

I'll provide:

  • pre-assessment tools and/or questions prior to your QuickStart to help prepare for our first session.

  • worksheets and reference material, checklists, and self assessment to support your goals as we work together and beyond.

  • Four MP3 recordings that capture all the suggestions and brilliant ideas brainstormed during each session.

  • and together during your last session, we'll develop an Action Plan to build the life you want, honoring who you are, now.

You’ll complete our sessions together with a strong sense of purpose and clarity around exactly what next steps you will take, supported by the roadmap we construct guide your actions. You will be amazed by the discoveries and opportunities you can mine from your rich life experiences, and how they can fuel your decisions for planning your life and/or a business.

Click a button below to book a free, 30-minute discovery call to explore where you are now, or purchase the Four Session Jump Start package and we'll get started right away!

The Four Session Jump Start package is $397.00.

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