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90 Day Support

The 90 Day Support package includes nine one-on-one 60-minute sessions along with brief email check-ins between our meetings.

Working together for three successive weeks and then taking a week ‘off,’ is often a good sequence. It allows energy and continuity to build as well as provide time for you to think, focus on essential business development activities or complete self assessments - whatever ‘homework’ we’ve agreed will move your business forward.

Weekly sessions are probably right for you if you are currently working a full time job and need to create your new business on a part time basis. Your own personal learning style is a big factor here as well. If you learn best in an incremental process rather than an intensive, everything-at-once half day or day long session, then honor your learning style and select the weekly work.

Also, if you are focused on an aspect of business development that would benefit from fact gathering, deliberation time or feedback from clients, customers or others, then the weekly format would support you best.

Whatever stage you’re at in your Midlife Entrepreneurial Journey (Explore, Start, Grow or Adapt) weekly sessions are perfect for focusing on a single aspect of your business, like

• exploring whether or not starting a business is right for you
• validating your business idea, or clarifying your niche or ideal client
• supporting your evolution as an entrepreneur as your business grows,  making changes in your life, mindset, markets and strategies
• considering your options as you age for scaling up or down, succession, selling or closing your business.
• developing preliminary transition plans for your business to move ahead without your full time leadership.

Whatever your chosen focus, you’ll get clarity about moving forward with your next steps or identify your reasons not to.

How the 90 Day Support Package works:

The 90 Day Support package includes nine one-on-one 60-minute sessions along with brief email check-ins between our meetings.

We’ll connect via phone or video-conference (Skype or Zoom, your choice) at our agreed upon day and time.

We’ll establish weekly accountability for you to work on developing your business following each coaching call.

  • Depending on ‘where you are’ in the development of your business or business idea, and what your focus is, I’ll provide assessment tools, questions to consider, or worksheets for you to complete and discuss with me.

  • If you choose, we can make MP3 recordings of your sessions that capture all the suggestions and brilliant ideas brainstormed during our conversations.

  • You’ll leave each Weekly Session with an action plan that supports building the business that fits your life and who you are, now.

  • Twenty-four hours prior to each week’s call, you’ll email me about your progress in a brief weekly review with questions I’ll provide. You’ll also send me written drafts of any other assignments we agreed upon, like web page copy, or a self assessment exercise, so you can move forward and explore ‘what’s next’ for you during our weekly conversation.

In our 90 Days of working together, you'll build a strong sense of purpose and clarity around exactly what next steps you will take, because we’ll construct a map to guide your actions.

What’s your best ‘next step’ - right now - for moving forward with your midlife business?

The 90 Day Support Package of nine, one-on-one, 60 minute sessions is $897.00.

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