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Part Time Business: Getting Your Side Gig Off to a Great Start

part time business side gig

Do you dream of starting your own business but hesitate out of concern you’ll be unable to replace your existing income and support all your family and financial commitments? If you’ve been an employee most of your life, you’ll probably agree that quitting a well-paying job cold turkey is rarely desirable, nor realistic. Staying employed…

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Are You an Armchair Entrepreneur?

armchair entrepreneurs over age 50 need to understand who they are now before starting a business.

If you’ve found yourself analyzing businesses you see or deal with regularly, you’re probably an Armchair Entrepreneur. That’s what I call someone who thinks frequently about becoming an entrepreneur and often wonders what it might be like to own their own business. Armchair Entrepreneurs have been sitting in their comfortable chairs (sometimes for decades), slaving…

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