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Stages of Midlife Business

Learning to anticipate life's transitions and adapt your business as you age is an important skill for midlife entrepreneurs to develop, whether you’re in the Explore, Start, Grow or Adapt stage. 

Up is not the only way.

Your health, personal life circumstances, business realities or a simple wish for more free time may dictate the need or desire to scale up (or scale down) your operations, maintain the status quo, plan for a successor, sell or close your business.

Building value or preserving the investment you make in your business is an important consideration even at startup, because it will allow you to adapt or sell your business as an asset to benefit you or your family down the road, rather than simply closing it down.

These blog posts will always try to help you maintain an equilibrium that supports ‘where you are’ in your life and your business.

Browse through the blog posts, resources, and tools below to help you consider the next step in your midlife entrepreneurial journey.

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