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Midlife Entrepreneur Readiness Assessment

How Ready Are You to Start a Business after 50?

Below are several categories for you to consider as you assess your readiness to start a business of your own. For each category, give yourself a rating of 1-10 by clicking your selected number. When you complete all the questions, you’ll find out your overall score and its implications by adding all your ratings together.

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Business Idea

Do you have a specific business idea in mind at this moment? Or do you have any special interests or hobbies that might be developed into a business?

1 out of 10

Money Matters

Do you understand what your financial situation is now, and what it will be in 5, 10, or 20 years? Do you know where the money for starting your new business is going to come from?

2 out of 10

Working After 50

Are you in good enough health to continue working after 50 as an entrepreneur or business owner?

3 out of 10

Family Obligations

Do you feel you can handle current or expected family caregiving responsibilities that will affect your schedule?

4 out of 10

Spousal or Partner Support

Do you have the support and agreement of your Spouse or Partner for starting a business? Use “10” as your rating if you’re single and making an independent decision.

5 out of 10


How confident are you that you currently have the skills and knowledge you need to start a business?

6 out of 10


How good are you at coping with change, and adapting to life’s challenges after 50?

7 out of 10

Connection & Belonging

How strong is the fabric of your family and social connections to support you on an entrepreneurial journey?

8 out of 10

Entrepreneurial Life

Do you know what kind of life or lifestyle you want (or need) after 50, and understand how having a business will support you in achieving that?

9 out of 10

Importance to You

How important is starting a business to you and your financial future?

10 out of 10

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