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With current lifespans for women averaging 87 years and men 82 years, you probably have many more years left to enjoy your life than you planned for financially. Understanding how much money you have, or need, allows you to identify the FINANCIAL GAP between the life you currently have and the life and lifestyle you want.

The monthly budget you live on lets you realistically determine how much money you can divert to invest in starting your business, and at what speed (immediate vs on-the-side). This knowledge will direct your assessment of the types of business startups available to you (creating from scratch, purchasing an existing business, buying a franchise), as well as the models of nontraditional operation likely to generate the income you need.

Understanding how to fuel and manage transitions in your business so that it supports your lifestyle allows you to maintain control of your life, and your finances.

Browse through the blog posts, resources, and tools below to help you consider the next step in your midlife entrepreneurial journey.

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