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Posts by Karen Wylie

How Long Will You Continue Working after 50?

Are you going to continue working after 50?

Baby Boomers. Our Second Act. The Third Age. Senior Citizens. We so-called Baby Boomers (born from 1946-1965) make up over 70 million of the US population. Yet for the most part, society doesn’t really know what to call us. Is it any surprise we are a little bewildered ourselves? Historically, people have always approached their…

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Are You an Armchair Entrepreneur?

armchair entrepreneurs over age 50 need to understand who they are now before starting a business.

If you’ve found yourself analyzing businesses you see or deal with regularly, you’re probably an Armchair Entrepreneur. That’s what I call someone who thinks frequently about becoming an entrepreneur and often wonders what it might be like to own their own business. Armchair Entrepreneurs have been sitting in their comfortable chairs (sometimes for decades), slaving…

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8 Ways Life and Career Change After 50 is Different

Life and career change after 50 is different in at least 8 ways.

When was the last time you did any life or career planning for yourself? I’m going to guess you took a career interest inventory in 8th Grade (before high school) or 11th Grade (before graduation or college).  If you attended college, maybe you had a Career and Placement Office that provided these same assessments when…

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